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Karelia 2.56%
Map and it's chance to play on.
Proh + Fiery 3.03%
Summarized chance to play on map, for dual maps (Prohorovka and Fiery Salient, Ruinberg and Winterberg, Himmelsdorf and Winter Himmelsdorf).
Ruinberg + Winte 1.28%
Mark for maps which chances are summarized.
Unpack archive into game folder

Service is in testing
With help of this server you will be able to view ary distribution between servers, and select server with minum spg quantity.
Also you will be able to select server with maximum map probability, this will be helpful if you looking to complete some Personal mission. E.g. you want to complete LT-15, so you can choose server with maximum propability with this map.
Statistics: Server / Class stats
Realm: RU / EU / NA / ASIA / CN / SEA
Time range: 5 min / 15 min / 30 min / 1 hour / Date:

Average amount of tank types on servers

No data for this realm, please install mod and start to transmit data.